BYU-Pathway Worldwide FAQs

On February 7, 2017, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf announced the creation of a new organization within the Church Educational System called BYU-Pathway Worldwide, with the PathwayConnect program being one of its core products. The following information provides additional details to help explain this new organization.


How can I get a job at BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is currently developing an organizational structure, which will most likely take several months. Job postings may be found by accessing our employment page.

Current Pathway (PathwayConnect) Students

Does this affect my enrollment in Pathway (PathwayConnect)?

No, the change in the program’s name and scope will not affect the enrollment status of its students. The change will also not affect the credits earned by former Pathway students.

Will I still be able to work toward a BYU-Idaho degree online after I finish PathwayConnect?

Yes, students will still be able to enroll in a BYU-Idaho online program. The core aspects and benefits are not changing — they are being enhanced.

Will the PathwayConnect courses stay the same?

Yes, the courses associated with Pathway’s yearlong curriculum will stay the same.

Will this change affect the courses I plan to take to earn my degree after completing PathwayConnect?

No, all of the online degree curriculum will remain the same at every Church-sponsored college and university.

BYU-Idaho Online Students

Will this change or devalue my BYU-Idaho degree?

No, Pathway’s change to BYU-Pathway Worldwide is intended to provide additional opportunities for students. Students will still be able to work toward an accredited BYU-Idaho online certificate or degree after they complete PathwayConnect. Students will also have access to additional accredited programs and degrees from other Church-sponsored colleges and universities.

As a student at a Church-sponsored college or university other than BYU-Idaho, how does this announcement affect me?

It most likely does not affect students at other Church schools. The degrees students receive from other Church-sponsored schools will remain unchanged by BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

As a current BYU-Idaho online student, will my degree be through BYU-Idaho or BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

All certificates and degrees available in BYU-Pathway Worldwide come through the colleges and universities that offer them.

General Program Questions

Will the admission requirements for BYU-Pathway Worldwide remain the same?

Yes, the admission requirements will remain the same.

Will the programs offered through BYU-Pathway Worldwide be accredited?

Yes, BYU-Pathway Worldwide itself will not be accredited, but the programs it offers will be. This is similar to how the program currently operates; PathwayConnect as a program is not accredited, but the certificates and degrees that PathwayConnect students can earn after Pathway are accredited because they are offered through the Church’s colleges and universities.

Will tuition be the same as PathwayConnect’s current tuition rates?

Yes, tuition will continue to be significantly discounted, making education more affordable and attainable for Church members throughout the world. However, minimal increases and decreases in tuition will occur periodically based on currency exchange rates, economic indicators, and program needs.

What additional benefits will BYU-Pathway Worldwide offer that Pathway currently does not offer?

Much of this information will be developed in the coming months. However, as the principal point of access for students seeking online programs in the Church Educational System, BYU-Pathway Worldwide will create and manage an online system for student services. The online system will allow students to access information about online courses and programs, apply, register, take courses, and access advising and career services in one online location.

Does this mean BYU-Pathway Worldwide will be available in more places around the world?

Pathway (PathwayConnect) will continue to expand in a similar way it has done in the past. New locations are typically chosen in counsel with local priesthood leaders in an area. Priesthood leaders may request PathwayConnect in their area.

Wasn’t Pathway already worldwide? What does that mean now?

With the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, the Church Board of Education has created a new online higher education organization that will partner with all Church Educational System (CES) institutions, not just BYU-Idaho. While Pathway currently operates in more than 500 locations worldwide, this new organization is designed to further bless Church members throughout the world.

Will the new BYU-Pathway Worldwide program offer more degrees? When will these be available?

Most likely. BYU-Pathway Worldwide will encompass all accredited online programs within the Church Educational System. Visit BYU-Idaho Online Degrees and Programs for a complete list of available offerings. Additional degrees and when they will become available have not yet been determined.

Will students of BYU-Pathway Worldwide be expected to live according to an honor code similar to that of other Church-sponsored colleges or universities?

PathwayConnect students do not complete an ecclesiastical endorsement as part of their participation in the program. As such, they are not required to follow an honor code like the students attending one of the Church’s colleges or universities. PathwayConnect students are, however, asked to strive to live with honor as a matter of principle. Students who complete Pathway’s yearlong curriculum and desire to continue on toward a certificate or degree through the Church Education System (CES) will be required to live by an honor code at that time.

Is BYU-Pathway Worldwide available to those not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Yes, but these applicants must have a close tie to the Church, such as having a family member, friend, or other close acquaintance who is a member of the Church; actively learning about the Church; or attending church meetings. They also must meet all other PathwayConnect admission requirements.

Will BYU-Pathway Worldwide continue to work with Church-service missionaries to facilitate local gatherings?

Yes, BYU-Pathway Worldwide will continue to use local Church-service missionaries to facilitate weekly gatherings. In addition, professional employees will continue to supervise and manage program administration.