Applying to PathwayConnect

How and when can I apply for PathwayConnect?

What are the requirements to participate in PathwayConnect?

How old must I be to participate in PathwayConnect?

Do I need a high school diploma (or equivalent) to enroll in PathwayConnect?

Can high school students enroll in PathwayConnect?

Do I need an ecclesiastical endorsement to participate in PathwayConnect?

Can people who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints join PathwayConnect?

I previously earned an associate or bachelor's degree. Can I still join PathwayConnect?

How/where can I find my Membership Record Number (MRN)?

When will I know if I'm admitted?

I missed the application deadline. Can I still be admitted?

Applicants who miss the application deadline will need to wait until the next available start date. To find out the next time PathwayConnect will begin in an area, applicants should contact their local Pathway missionaries.

Rare exceptions to the application deadline are made for full-time missionaries who return home after a deadline has passed and for other similar extenuating circumstances. Applicants who want to be considered for a special exception must submit a request.


Course Registration

How do I register for classes?

Which course(s) do I take?

What is the deadline to register for courses?

What happens if I miss the deadline to register for courses?


English Language Assessment

What is the English Language Assessment included in Pathway’s application?

Why do I have to take an English Language Assessment?

Can I take the English Language Assessment more than once?

I didn't score high enough to join PathwayConnect. Can I retake the English Language Assessment at a later date?

Are there resources available to help me improve my English?


Returning Students

Do I have to start all over if I cannot attend a semester of PathwayConnect?

I attended PathwayConnect previously and didn't finish. How do I get back in?