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For students who use English as a second language


Pathway’s low tuition rate makes it possible for many more people to afford higher education. Plus, there are no additional fees for textbooks or other course materials. (After PathwayConnect, students who pursue a certificate or degree online through BYU-Idaho will have additional fees for textbooks and materials.)

PathwayConnect Tuition

Tuition figures are represented in U.S. dollars. Tuition may increase annually1.


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Cost Per Credit2


Calculating Tuition

To calculate how much tuition will cost for one semester of PathwayConnect, take the cost per credit and multiply by the number of online course credits.

  • L-version Courses: 5 online course credits per semester

BYU-Idaho Tuition

Students who pursue a degree online after PathwayConnect will continue to pay their local Pathway tuition rate instead of the posted BYU-Idaho tuition rate. (Tuition may increase annually.)

PathwayConnect students who choose to continue their education on the BYU-Idaho campus after PathwayConnect will pay regular on-campus tuition.

Additional fees for textbooks and other course materials will apply.

Financial Aid

United States

PathwayConnect students in the United States do not qualify for U.S. federal financial aid because PathwayConnect is not a degree-granting program. PathwayConnect students also do not qualify for BYU-Idaho scholarships. This is one of the reasons PathwayConnect tuition is set so low. Students are encouraged to search for private scholarships if they need financial assistance.

After PathwayConnect, U.S. students who have a high school diploma or equivalent are eligible to apply for U.S. federal financial aid if they enter a degree-granting program through a college or university.

Other Countries

PathwayConnect students do not qualify for BYU-Idaho scholarships. PathwayConnect students outside the United States may consider searching for private scholarships or learning more about the Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) as a possible option to gain financial assistance.

For additional questions about tuition and financial aid, visit our Help page.

  • 1 Tuition prices include VAT, where applicable. In some countries outside of the United States, taxes or other payments may be owed to local governments. It is an individual’s responsibility to understand those laws and comply. Questions may be directed to Pathway Support.
  • 2 A course credit is a measurement used to quantify the workload for a specific course that enables universities to set a requirement to graduate.