L Version

For students who use English as a second language

Courses & Structure

PathwayConnect (formerly called Pathway) is a low-cost education program that helps people start or return to college. Over the span of one year (three semesters), students complete coursework online and also gather once a week with other local PathwayConnect students, earning academic credits that may be applied toward an online certificate or degree through BYU-Idaho.

semester system


Each semester during PathwayConnect, students take a light courseload consisting of both academic and religious education. PathwayConnect courses are designed to help students learn basic skills and gain the confidence and abilities needed to succeed in college and in life.

students working on a project together

Pathway’s academic courses are offered online through BYU-Idaho. Religion classes for students age 18–30 are offered through local institute programs.


Age 31+

None. Age 31+ students in PathwayConnect's L Version do not take religion courses.

Weekly Gatherings

In addition to taking academic and religion courses, PathwayConnect students also gather every Thursday at a local institute or church meetinghouse. There, they meet with other classmates and Church-service missionaries where they participate in additional educational and leadership activities.

pathway gathering schedule

This combination of online courses and weekly gatherings helps students develop meaningful and marketable skills — all within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also allows students the flexibility to fit coursework around job schedules or other responsibilities, while enjoying the support of local family and friends.

weekly gathering

After PathwayConnect

At the end of PathwayConnect, students will have gained the confidence and skills needed to navigate their personal path and reach their goals. Students will have a variety of opportunities available to them, including:

Improved job prospects