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PathwayConnect: More Than Education

  • Low-cost
  • Online Academic
  • Religion Education
  • Classroom

PathwayConnect (formerly called Pathway) is a low-cost educational opportunity that mixes the flexibility of online academic courses, religious education, and the benefits of face-to-face gatherings with other students. This experience helps students develop confidence, become self-reliant, build leadership experience, and gain employable skills — all while learning by the Spirit within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, non-native English speakers can improve their language skills through PathwayConnect’s L version.

What's more, as an ecclesiastical leader, PathwayConnect can be a powerful tool in your ministry.

The Purposes of PathwayConnect

  1. Get the gospel down into students' hearts

  2. Help students become
    capable learners

  3. Prepare students to lead
    and support families

Click here to learn more about how PathwayConnect works.