Local Church Leaders

Resources to assist priesthood and auxiliary leaders

Roles and Responsibilities

Support from local priesthood, auxiliary, and other leaders is vital to the success of PathwayConnect at each individual location. Local leaders identify Church members who may benefit from PathwayConnect, provide facilities for PathwayConnect gatherings, call Church-service missionaries, and much more. Following is a list of best practices for individuals involved with supporting PathwayConnect at the local level.

Area Leaders

Area Presidencies Picture
Area Presidencies

Where applicable, Area Presidencies lend their support to PathwayConnect by:

  • Determining the manner in which PathwayConnect will be administered in their area
  • Assigning Area Seventies to execute PathwayConnect's initial launch and expansion efforts
  • Coordinating expansion efforts with PathwayConnect administrators
Area Seventies Picture
Area Seventies

Area Seventies offer support to PathwayConnect by:

  • Assigning an agent stake president to administer PathwayConnect locally
  • Garnering strong stake leadership support for PathwayConnect
  • Orchestrating multi-stake implementation and cooperation
  • Coordinating expansion efforts with PathwayConnect administrators and the Area Presidency (where applicable)
  • Establishing enrollment goals and distributing responsibility

Agent Stake Presidents

Stake Presidents Picture

At each PathwayConnect location, an Area Seventy assigns one stake president as the “agent.” Although all stake presidents in the region surrounding a PathwayConnect site contribute to the program's success, the agent stake president specifically:

  • Assists with initial program implementation
  • Identifies and calls Church-service missionaries
  • Works with PathwayConnect Church-service missionaries to ensure program success
  • Encourages stake/ward auxiliary leaders to support Pathway
  • Collaborates with other stakes in finding prospective students and missionaries
  • Coordinates expansion efforts with the Area Seventy and Pathway administrators

Priesthood/Auxiliary Leaders

Priesthood Leaders Picture

All priesthood and auxiliary leaders on the ward and stake levels can assist with PathwayConnect by:

  • Inviting Church members to participate in PathwayConnect
  • Working with PathwayConnect Church-service missionaries to educate Church members about PathwayConnect


Institute Picture

Institute personnel offer support to PathwayConnect by:

  • Offering courses for transferrable credit
  • Providing classrooms with Internet connectivity during Thursday gatherings
  • Allowing PathwayConnect students and missionaries access to institute facilities during PathwayConnect's academic year (September–July)
  • Coordinating institute classes in English
  • Assisting in finding potential students

Self-Reliance Services/PEF

Self Reliance Services Picture

Self-Reliance Services/PEF offers support to PathwayConnect by:

  • Helping to promote PathwayConnect
  • Sharing the vision of PathwayConnect with local ecclesiastical leaders
  • Informing Church members about local educational options after PathwayConnect

PathwayConnect Church-Service Missionaries

Service Missionaries Picture

PathwayConnect relies heavily on Church-service missionaries to assist with the on-site affairs of the program. Missionaries are primarily asked to:

  • Organize efforts for informing prospective students about PathwayConnect
  • Build strong relationships with local ecclesiastical leaders and institute directors
  • Educate local Church members about PathwayConnect and how to join
  • Provide ongoing support and care for enrolled PathwayConnect students (see 5.4 Facilitating the Gathering)
  • Facilitate weekly PathwayConnect gatherings, including training lead students
  • Serve for a period of 12–24 months and volunteer an average of 5-10 hours per week (though missionaries may volunteer more of their time if they choose)
  • Provide Pathway administration and the agent stake president with regular updates and feedback
  • Be proficient in English and facilitate weekly gatherings in English