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Students participate in academic as well as religious education. And one of the best benefits is that courses are flexible, allowing students to complete assignments when it's convenient.

PathwayConnect courses help students learn basic skills, build confidence, develop spiritually, and gain abilities needed to succeed professionally and personally. PathwayConnect's academic courses are offered online, and religion classes are offered through local Church institutes of religion or online, depending on a student's age.

PathwayConnect offers two program versions.

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Standard Version

Proficient in English

PathwayConnect's Standard version is for students who are native English speakers or are otherwise proficient in the English language. Students should expect to spend 15–20 hours doing coursework each week. PathwayConnect takes 1 year (3 semesters) to complete. Students take one academic course and one religion course each semester.

Standard Version

PathwayConnect Courses

Academic Courses

Life Skills

Students discover how to use education to improve their lives by studying learning strategies, time and financial management, thinking errors, and talent development.

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Professional Skills

Students strengthen career skills, learn decision making strategies , practice professional communication, and collaborate with others to solve problems.

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University Skills

Students discover and strengthen the skills they need for continued success throughout a university degree program.

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Religion Courses
Age 18-30 Age 31+


PathwayConnect students ages 18-30 take one institute course each of the three terms they are enrolled in PathwayConnect at no extra cost. Available courses vary at each institute location.

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Book of Mormon (Part 1)

Book of Mormon (Part 1) covers 1 Nephi-Alma 29. Doctrinal topics include faith, repentance, the Atonement, the premortal life, the purpose of life, and the doctrine of Christ.

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Book of Mormon (Part 2)

Book of Mormon (Part 2) covers Alma 30-Moroni 10. Doctrinal topics include faith, repentance, the Atonement, the premortal life, the purpose of life, and the doctrine of Christ.

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Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel

This course focuses on the eternal ministry of Jesus Christ and His divine roles and teachings throughout His premortal, mortal, and postmortal life. Students will deepen their understanding of the Savior Jesus Christ and increase their personal discipleship.

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Weekly Gatherings

In addition to taking courses online, PathwayConnect students also gather once a week (every Thursday evening) at a local institute or church meetinghouse where they participate in learning and leadership activities associated with their courses, build friendships, and get support.

Weekly Gatherings

Gather for 1.5-3 hours

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Standard Version: Proficient in English
Language Version: Intermediate English Proficiency

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Gathering Schedule
Every Thursday Night
PathwayConnect Gathering 1.5 Hours
Institute 1.5 Hour

Weekly Gatherings

Participate in discussions

PathwayConnect gatherings help students deepen their learning through teaching. Every Thursday evening, a different student takes a turn leading learning activities and discussions during the gathering.

Weekly Gatherings

Get Support from students

Only one word seems adequate when describing the feeling you get at a PathwayConnect gathering — “family.” It is because of the love the students share as they work together to reach their goals. Most students say that weekly gatherings are their favorite part of the program.

Weekly Gatherings

Meet at a local church building or institute

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